“Canonical histories of digital humanities, and digital history in particular, almost completely fail to notice the work of women in the field. Given this lapse, an aspiring digital historian might reasonably conclude that women scholars and practitioners historically have offered no significant contributions to the work. Fortunately, and obviously, that impression is wrong. In fact, women have played essential roles in shaping the field of digital history—taking on important roles in key projects and developments, even the ones that are most frequently attributed to men. A number of significant factors, primarily related to labor conditions, have combined to perpetuate a “great man theory” history of digital history. This talk takes these circumstances into account and offers a revised origin story for digital history that recognizes the women who have helped shape the field.”

Join us for Sharon’s talk at the Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation, 4th floor Holland Library, Tuesday, February 28th, 3:30-5:00pm