Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation

Current Graduate Students


Xiaoqu “Clair” Huang

Current and Past Undergraduate Students

  • Leandra Choy-Thierman
  • Elvira Álvarez
  • Alianna Cash
  • Anthony Choke
  • Elsie Cree
  • Michael Dandrea
  • Rachel “Chedda” Ellenwood
  • Jazmine Ike-Lopez
  • Kerah Iyall
  • Samantha Reyes
  • Tillie Keyonnie Torpey

Previous Graduate Students


William Damitio is a PhD student in Anthropology studying the archaeology of subsistence practices in the Columbia Plateau.

Kathryn Manis, Kathryn Manis is a PhD Candidate in Rhetoric and Composition with a focus on community archives, community rhetorics, and science communication.


Jesslyn Starnes ProfileJesslyn Starnes, PhD student in the Geology Department, assists with organizing public events, CDSC social media, and other CDSC projects.


Brian Stack ProfileBrian Stack, History PhD candidate, former CDSC Summer Fellow, assists with organizing public events, CDSC social media, and other CDSC projects.




Landon Roper ProfileLandon Roper


Korin Hedlund ProfileKorin Hedlund is currently working as a Customer Success Manager for Simply Measured, a full funnel social analytics company.



lacy hope ProfileLacy Hope is currently in her second year in the English Department’s PhD Program and is teaching English 100.


David Bolingbroke ProfileDavid Bolingbroke is currently a doctoral candidate in the History Department and has been appointed to a two year term on the Hanford Advisory Board starting June 2018.


Jason Chung profileJason Chung will be working in a ya ba (methamphetamine) addiction treatment facility in Thailand examining how addiction treatment models influence the ways in which Thai people understand the self, personhood, and drug addiction.


Lucy Johnson profileLucy Johnson is a doctoral candidate who teaches in the Digital Technology and Culture program and researches visual and digital rhetoric—focusing specifically on the design of the Japanese Unicode System of the emoji through the lens of decolonial theory.