Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation

Engaging With Our Communities

Digital Storytelling Workshops

Digital Storytelling workshops engage students, community members, and researchers by providing a rich platform for narration. Whether faculty wish to learn skills to better serve students in their classrooms or community members want to create their own digital stories, the CDSC’s workshops provide core skills and engagement with digital tools for content creation. The workshops run from one to three days and are available all year.

For more information, contact Rebecca Goodrich, Clinical Assistant Professor in the Digital Technology and Culture program


Digital Foundations Workshops

The CDSC offers a series of workshops for WSU students seeking hands-on instruction using digital tools and platforms for use in all classes. Competency with digital tools is a fundamental prerequisite for joining any contemporary profession. The workshops serve all students, regardless of major.

For more information, contact Kristin Becker, Instructor in the Digital Technology and Culture program