Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation

Join us at the CDSC

  • Data Curation: get help with ethically and responsibly curating your cultural resources or managing your collections using Mukurtu CMS, Omeka, and Scalar.
  • Digitization: digitize photos, documents and/or objects for a community collections management project, research initiative, or public project.
  • Preservation: learn about best practices for the organization and preservation of your digital materials.
  • Workshops: learn how to use digital tools for classes, community engagement, teaching and more.
  • Training: opportunities for students and faculty to develop and incorporate technology and hands-on activities, assignments and research.
  • Grant Writing: collaborate with CDSC staff to find the right sources of funding for your community, research or organization’s digital projects.
  • Research: collaborate on project planning and organization, get help with assessment and explore new and emerging models of digital research, publishing and peer review.
  • Learn: attend public lectures on digital scholarship and curation, digital humanities reading groups, workshops and more.
  • Scholarly Communication: share scholarly work, and get support for open access publishing, data management and assessment of scholarly impact.