Digital Foundations Workshop: The Invisible Digital Literacy: Understanding Social Media Surveillance, Privacy, and Data

While much of our online identity is self-constructed, there is also another identity that Beck (2015) defined as the invisible digital identity. This identity lies “under the hood” of the digital spaces that we occupy. In order to better understand the invisible digital identity, this workshop will seek to develop a digital literacy in understanding the terms of service (ToS) of social media and the ways in which we can begin to identify how algorithms aggregate and sell our data. As such, this workshop will be both hands on and discussion based in navigating what we own, how we’re protected, and what we can do to safely use and navigate social media spaces.

Led by Lucy Johnson

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017, 3:00-4:00pm, CDSC, 4th floor Holland Library

Registration is not required for this workshop.

Laptops are encouraged, but not required.

Questions? Please contact Kristin Becker:

Digital Foundations Workshops

The CDSC offers a series of intensive workshops for WSU students seeking hands-on instruction in the foundations of digital literacy. Facility with digital tools has become a fundamental prerequisite for joining any contemporary profession and, as with reading and writing skills, college instructors across the disciplines expect students to arrive on campus with a foundational level of digital literacy. Such expectations mean that many students never receive explicit guidance in how to write emails, organize files, or engage in online communities. These workshops fill that general education gap by helping students cultivate essential skills and develop good digital habits for the future. We intend the workshops to serve all interested students, regardless of major or prior experience. Workshop sessions will be 30-40 minutes, with 20-30 minutes for questions and one-on-one assistance. Grad students, staff, and faculty are also always welcome.