Learn About Protecting Your Organization’s Computer and Mobile Activities With “SentryPC”!!

SentryPC is a cloud based service which will help you monitor activity of your IT users and to filter their content.

With SENTRYPC you’ll be able to record your users’ activities; every action that your users perform will be recorded in full detail and in real-time. You will be able to see everything that your users have been doing and when they were doing it.

You will also be able to filter content; you do not want your users to be interacting with certain online content as a lot of the thing that you may see online can be quite questionable. You’ll be able to filter certain website, applications, games and keyword. You also have the option to completely block certain content entirely or just block it within certain hours.

With SentryPC you’ll also be able to schedule the usage of your IT resources. You can control what devices can be used at what time; you can create a daily schedule, select what hours per day are allowed and their usage limits.

SentryPC has a simple and intuitive user interface and because it is a cloud based service it can be accessed from anywhere from any web-enables device. Once SentryPC has been installed on your IT assets it never has to be accessed again; all information, logs and reports can be accessed by you. This also gives you central management’ you can manage any number of devices and user from this account no matter where their physical location may be.

SentryPC is compatible with all of your devices; you can run it on Windows, Mac, Chromebook and on Android and Apple devices.

SentryPC will give you real-time Information. You can log onto your online portal and see everything that is going on with your IT assets in real-time. You can also apply settings to the remote computer instantly.

You can also get security alerts to you that allows you to when users attempted an activity that you have blocked. You can see this in full detail.

Detailed usage reports will inform you on what activities are occurring the most and by who.

These reports can be given to you easy to read and easy to customize visual charts.

SentryPC is very easy to use and updates are available for free.

The activities that SentryPC monitor include software applications, calls, Clipboards, Dark Web activity, emails, files and much more of the usual activities.

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SentryPC can be used for content filtering, this means certain applications, keywords, and websites are filtered. You can choose to be alerted when someone attempts one of these filtered activities.

SentryPC can be used for Geofencing. That means your organizations IT assets can only be used within a certain and specified geographical area, such as only around your organizations office or property.

The Importance of monitoring The Activities of IT users

The monitoring of the usage of an organizations IT assets are important for a number of reasons.

Monitoring the use of IT assets can help in threat detection. It can allow the organization to detect activities that are suspicious or unauthorized such as visiting websites that may be considered harmful or detecting unauthorized access from a malicious party such as an unauthorized hacker. By being aware of and by monitoring user activities these kinds of threats can be identified early and allow the organization take the correct actions to mitigate the threat.

Unauthorized access to a system could result in data exfiltration or malware injection. These can be very damaging to an organization.

Monitoring the usage of IT assets can also detect insider threat whether that threat be malicious in intent or be accidental.

Insider threats occur when an organization insider uses the access they have to IT system to harm the organization. Monitoring IT system can help detect certain user behaviour patterns or policy violations that may indicate or give rise to threats.

Organization must comply with the law and to various compliance requirements which may mandate the monitor of IT assets in a way that comply with data protection, privacy and security laws and regulations. This is important to avoid penalties and fines and to keep the organization IT landscape secure.

A good IT security system will also provide accountability and responsibility. That means individuals within the organization are going to be responsible for their own actions, the knowledge that their activities are being monitored and their knowledge of the organizations IT security will encourage personnel to stay with the parameters of the organization IT Security policies.

In the case where there is a serious IT System security breach a system which had monitoring of the users activities will be able to provide evidence and will aid in the response to the problem. If there is a detailed log of the system the organization may be able to piece together the actions that lead to the security breach.

Organization personnel must be trained and made aware of the IT security system put in place in the organization. They must also be aware of the fact that their use of the systems are being monitored. An organizations personnel may be on the front-line of a security breach and may have to deal with the initial effects of the breach before it is passed over to IT security experts who will fix and repair the system and getting it back to a secure operating state in a timely and costly manner.

Monitoring the activities of users can also increase the efficiency of system. It may be possible to identify bottleneck or to identify issues that slow down the organization. This can be done by identifying workflow patterns and activities. In this case the organization can address the issues that lead to inefficiencies.

The Importance of IT Security

IT security for your organization is very important for many reasons.

IT Security is put in place for the protection of sensitive information. If an organizations information got into the wrong hands such as a competitors, or even by cyber-criminals, it could cost the organization a lot. And not just money; reputation and personal security of employees could be at stake too.click here

Modern organizations have a highly important reliance on the storage and transmission of digital information. This could include all kinds of sensitive information such as personal data, financial records, and intellectual property.

Strong IT security measures will help to prevent unauthorized access to systems, networks and information,

Providing safeguards against such cyber-attacks are getting more and more sophisticated as cyber-criminals are getting more and more sophisticated every day too.

Organizations of all sizes can be targeted, both big and small. Investing in good IT security is seen as an investment that could one day potentially avert a disaster.

A good IT security system can prevent business down-time and assure the preservation of business continuity. Cyber-attacks can bring down IT systems across the entire organization and this must be avoided as much as possible. Downtime could lead to financial loss, damage to reputation or to loss of trust from customers. Trust is essential for long-term business relationships. If clients cannot be assured that their personal and financial information is not secure they may stop doing business with the organization.

The financial impact of a cyber-attack could include direct costs like remediation expenses and legal fees. There will also be indirect costs such as a loss in reputation resulting in client leaving the organization, lost revenue and decreased market value.

A good IT security system should be integrated into all actions of the organization and of it’s personnel’s activities. If employees are aware of the kinds of threats the organization faces, the kind of threats that outside cyber-criminals pose they can help defend the organization. An organizations employees should be educated and informed about IT Security.