This webinar is part of the Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation’s Spring 2021 Webinar Series.

In this presentation, Michael Wynne (Digital Applications Librarian and Mukurtu Support Specialist) will provide an overview of Mukurtu CMS. The webinar will cover the history and development of Mukurtu, it’s core features and tools (eg: communities, cultural protocol, categories, digital heritage items, and dictionary words), examples of Mukurtu in use, and discuss how to get Mukurtu and access Mukurtu Support. 

Interested viewers are encouraged to sign up for the Mukurtu 101 and Mukurtu 102 webinars, or to contact directly for more information.

Watching this presentation, or having attended a similar in-person or remote Mukurtu session, is strongly recommended before attending the Mukurtu 101 and 102 webinars.

No registration required. This presentation has been pre-recorded and is available below.

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Image credit: ShakataGaNai. “Grass Fields and Rolling Hills in the East Bay Area, California. Mt Diablo Can Be Seen in the Rear Right of the Picture.” Wikimedia Commons, 9 Nov. 2009,