Story Maps is a great program for presenting digital scholarship that is visually engaging and geographically focused. It allows scholars to narrate places as dynamic and show how people and landscapes have shaped one another over time. In this workshop, David will share his experience with Story Maps before going over the program’s different exhibit templates, map building, and uploading digital content forms like text, images, audio, and video. He also will discuss the kinds of stories participants could tell with this program and what templates would best match those ideas. The last half of the workshop will provide the participants with the opportunity to begin experimenting with their own maps.
If able, participants should bring a laptop or tablet as well as some ideas for digital content they could practice uploading into their map. These include online images, videos, and audio clips. To familiarize themselves with Story Maps before coming in, David encourages participants to browse through the Resources page on the program’s website.

Here are three good examples of maps that use different templates: Bears Ears: A Story of Homelands, America’s Nuclear Moonscape, and Segregation by the Sea.

Led by David Bolingbroke, PhD Candidate, Department of History, WSU

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019, 10:35-11:50 am, CDSC, 4th floor Holland Library

Registration is not required for this workshop.

Questions? Please contact David Bolingbroke: