Teaching is above all, about storytelling. The stories we tell our students, and ask them to tell us, often document the ways we’ve impacted the world and been changed in the process. History, English, Mathematics and many other subjects use narratives to connect the topic to location, geophysical features, environmental changes, and more. Simple multimedia storytelling platforms and apps abound which allow us to connect our stories to place using text, photos, videos, and maps. This workshop will introduce participants to Google Tour Builder, a user-friendly, web-based tool that creates an immersive, interactive storytelling experience for your students (and yourself).

In this workshop, we will discuss digital storytelling as a both an outlet for individual creativity and self-understanding, as well as a powerful learning tool in a variety of disciplines. We will discuss ways to adapt our stories to the digital environment using Tour Builder and ways to adapt Tour Builder to course assignments or projects. If possible, participants should bring a laptop or tablet as well as digital content such as images, online links, videos, and audio clips to practice uploading into their Google Tour. To create a Google Tour participants will need a Google account.

Rebecca Goodrich teaches digital storytelling in the Digital Technology and Culture degree program. She has also facilitated many digital storytelling projects including the Viva Farms Digital Storytelling Project, the Golden Grads Digital Storytelling Workshop, and the Plateau Women’s Digital Storytelling Workshop.

Examples of Google Tour Builder projects:

BRAC: Defeating Global Poverty

Central Coast Marine Protected Areas Tour

March 5th, 2019, 9:00-10:15 am, CDSC, 4th floor Holland Library

Registration is not required for this workshop.

Questions? Please contact Rebecca Goodrich: rgoodrich@wsu.edu