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WSU Master Gardener Extension Photo Archive


Washington State University Master Gardener Extension Program Open Photograph Collection.


The WSU Master Gardener Program Extension & David Luftig (WSU Libraries)


The images from within the Master Gardener Program's photo archive can be freely shared and adapted with attribution (CC BY 4.0). For more information see:
Pioneer Violet (Viola Glabella)
Photo of Pioneer Violet (Viola Glabella) from 2020.
Rose in Downtown Palouse
Rose from rose garden
Pair of Roses
Roses in a garden
Tomatoes from Garden
Tomato medley from garden
Apple blossoms
Close-up of flowers on a backyard apple tree
Camellia flower
Close-up of a white camellia flower
Trillium plant with white flower
Snail with yellow and black shell
Shrew-mole (Neurotrichus gibbsii)
Tiny shrew-mole against a ruler for size reference. Note the relatively longer snout and tail compared to other moles species in Washington