Confluence: The Columbia Slough Environmental Literacy Project

Confluence, the Center for Columbia River History’s Columbia Slough Curriculum Project was an exciting year-long high school “environmental literacy” project. Students at Roosevelt High School studied the histories of their neighborhoods and neighbors in the Columbia Slough.

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With the guidance of their teachers, professional historians and neighborhood experts, students explored the environmental, social, and political history of the Columbia Slough area. Students presented their findings in a public program and in a published literary/history magazine in June 2002.

Project developers included Amy Ambrosio (Roosevelt Teacher), Pam Green (Roosevelt Education Assistant), Catherine Theriault (Roosevelt Teacher), Seth Neiderberger (Roosevelt Assistant Teacher), Jonathan Duncan (Consultant), Katy Barber (Project Director, Portland State University Assistant Professor of History), and Donette Miranda (Project Coordinator, Portland State University student).