CCRH and Portland State University Capstones Projects

As part of their graduation requirements, all students at Portland State University (one of the CCRH partners) are required to take a senior capstones course. These interdisciplinary courses are the culminating requirement of the university’s core curriculum. The senior capstone engages students in community-based learning integrated into the academic curriculum. The capstones courses provide structured opportunities for students to reflect critically on their experience through writing, reading, speaking, listening, and group discussion. In addition to the community involvement, interdisciplinary group work is a significant component of capstones courses. Since 1997, CCRH staff and interns have taught Capstones courses, producing a variety of products on-line, in film, and in print form.

Bureau of Land Management Capstones
In 1999 and 2000, the Bureau of Land Management Capstone, taught by CCRH staff, researched and wrote Cultural Resource Context statements for the Bureau of Land Management, Oregon State Office.

Columbia Slough Capstones
The Columbia Slough Web Site is one of the community histories developed in the Columbia Basin Project from 1997-2000. In Winter and Spring term, 2000, students at PSU researched and wrote Web Pages for the Columbia Slough Web Site. In Summer, 2000, PSU students conducted oral histories for the Columbia Slough Web Site.

Johnson Creek Capstones
Students at Portland State University developed a Web Site as part of a course in Spring 2000. The site uses oral histories collected by a previous PSU class to tell the story of Johnson Creek, a free flowing tributary of the Willamette River. Students also produced a video that accompanies the website. The video, “Linked Communities: A Short History of Johnson Creek,” was developed in collaboration with the Intermediate Television students at Jefferson High School in Portland, Oregon.

Salmon Corps Capstones
In 1998, 1999, and 2000, graduate students at PSU, under CCRH faculty supervision, taught courses for selected members of Salmon Corps on Columbia River History.

Promoting the study of Columbia River Basin history