Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation

Curate, Design, Steward, Collaborate

The Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation (CDSC) works with diverse sets of people, institutions, and groups to create digital tools, projects, public programming, and educational opportunities for the many publics the University serves with an emphasis on ethical curation and collaborative scholarship. Faculty, staff and students engaged with the CDSC focus on meeting the unique digital challenges and needs of underserved populations, fostering inclusiveness and empowering partnerships. The CDSC provides support, outreach, and training for all faculty, students, and community members.


Promote collaborations that use technology in ethically minded and socially empowering ways through meaningful partnerships that benefit the multiple publics that WSU serves including: faculty, students, staff and community members state wide, regionally, and nationally.


Serve as the hub for our 21st century land grant institution that brings together innovative scholarship and research with digital technologies through a social justice framework.

The CDSC is committed to upholding WSU’s land-grant heritage and tradition of service to society by collaborating with and providing support to a wide range of constituents. To fulfill our mission, the CDSC actively:

  • Partners with Native American and Indigenous communities to support the ethical curation, management and sharing of cultural resources;
  • Provides training and resources (online and in person) in best practices for the organization, digitization, and preservation of unique collections;
  • Provides opportunities for faculty development of research and teaching agendas and collaborates with faculty to pursue external grant awards;
  • Trains graduate students in the collaborative curation method;
  • Supports curriculum development, particularly the introduction of technology into courses to provide faculty and students with hands-on opportunities;
  • Assists scholars to explore new and emerging models of digital research, publishing, and peer-review;
  • Provides a forum for scholarly innovation and discussions between faculty, graduate students, and community members;
  • Provides a safe, inclusive, hate-free space for collaboration, listening, and the thoughtful sharing of ideas.